The Last Day I Wore Lipstick


Image 5-12-20 at 9.00 PM“What Really Matters” by Ezekiel Zagar  

The Last Day I Wore LipStick

Monique A. Gordon

I lightly colored my lips & cheekbones with a mixture of raspberry-ripple & terra-cotta lipsticks, then walked with my sister & my dog to Boxers’ Trail, a pollinated path of flora & fauna where Ali met Frazier, where a bronze Medicine Man on a horse on granite wears a horn-headdress glistening in morning light.

Guiding us towards meditative sounds of chirps, coos, & crackling leaves, where the wind spread seeds yielding scallions & berries, as the sun cast shadows on landscape, highlighting shades of green.

Where a woodpecker attracts its mate with hammer beats. Where a ground hog peeks from a hollowed out pine tree. Where a sundial covered in pale-green patina shows noon. That was the last day, I wore lipstick. Trading it for lip balm.  Avoiding chafing from a face mask. Turning lipstick into oil paint for canvas.

In The Beginning:Mixed Medium

Trust & Awareness, Ezekiel Zagar 


Bra Fitting, 4/2014

Our reflections met

in a three-view mirror.

A sales clerk scans body markings

with her eyes.

On stomach, on upper arms.

She follows a tubing secured with tape

from waistline to insulin pump

on waistband.

She wonders what it is

without asking.

*Bra Fitting is a work-in process. Stay tune for the finish product.




Photo on 2-5-14 at 6.14 PMSpirit Of The Flood, 1/2014

This piece was inspired by a flood in my basement when a neighbor’s pipe froze.

Medium: watercolor/pastel/crayon/ discarded silhouette cut from construction paper/modge-podge