When People With Diabetes Eat & Acid Reflux

Reducing Acid Reflux Gor Those With Diabetes


At the end of my 6-month ordeal, I finally found the causes to my Acid Reflux. The first was eating too much protein. Next was eating acidic and spicy foods and the next to last reason for my Acid Reflux was extra ketones in my blood stream. Unfortunately none of those explained normal fasting blood glucose and phlegm.

I went back to the drawing board. Over the years, I have had many reactions before bed and during the middle of the night. During that time I had multiple diabetic binges due to the “Hijacked Brain of The Diabetic.” Somewhere along the way I had started the habit of eating right before bed as well.

Since my cough and phlegm occurred in the morning, I realized the mistake I have been making by eating before going to bed. If a person eats right before bed, your stomach has to work harder and…

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Can An Insulin Pump Be Mistaken For A Weapon?

732 murders of people of color.

Police said they had a weapon.

Police said book was a weapon.

People said Sandra Bland didn’t put out her cigarette in the car that she drove.

Police said  they feared for their lives.

Can my insulin pump be mistaken for a weapon?

Can my lancet pen be mistaken for a weapon?

Can my glucose meter be mistaken for a weapon?

If my CGM cause my pump to alarm, will I be pulled over?

Will I be shot?

When you are a person of color with diabetes, you have to ask these questions.



Food For Thought

(Chart taken from Milton Farmers Market webpage)

  1. Talk to your nutrientnist about serving size suggestions and food combinations.
  2. Eat a variety of fruits/veggies.
  3. Certain spices and veggies provide nutrients only when cooked
  4. Remember to cut broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots small for proper digestion.
  5. Relax, chew slow .



Study on Brain Health From Complete Wellness Report

Although this is depressing news, please continue striving for healthy blood-sugar levels. It may or may not happen to you. Scientific findings not always true for everyone.

“Patients with diabetes can experience several brain changes that develop over time such as shrinkage of areas involved in memory and thinking as well as damage to blood vessels supplying the brain,” Verghese, who wasn’t involved in the study, said by email. “Higher blood sugar levels may be detrimental to the brain even in older adults who do not meet formal criteria for diabetes but are in the gray zone.”

People with diabetes also need to be aware that even if their blood sugar is well controlled, they’re still at increased risk for memory problems and impairments in cognitive function, said Mark Espeland, a researcher at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Should People With Diabetes Take Vitamins?

  1. Talk to your doctor before experimenting with vitamins.
  2. Read reputable websites/trade magazines on vitamins (e.g., Dlife, American Diabetes Assoc, Diabetes Health, WebMD, New Journal Of Medicin).
  3. Schedule an app’t w/a Diabetes Nutritionists about food combinations to serve.
  4. Too much of the wrong food combination can make you hungry and or depelte you of certain nutrients.

Excerpt for Diabetes Health:

“Generally speaking, the nutrient recommendations for people with diabetes are the same as for those without diabetes. On the other hand, diabetes, particularly if uncontrolled, is associated with micronutrient deficiencies. When sugars are high, urination is increased to wash out the extra sugar, and vitamins are washed out as well. So perhaps people with diabetes should be a bit more aggressive in their decision to use supplements.

When deciding what to take, if anything, in the arena of supplements, consider the following tips.

Tips on Taking Supplements

Don’t rely on the fact that someone you know has been using a certain treatment for years. Remember Dr. James Craig, who correctly diagnosed George Washington with a throat infection and then began a series of blood-letting treatments. At the time, blood-letting was a well-regarded treatment that had been used for centuries. Unfortunately, the ex-president soon expired, probably from being bled to death.

Don’t fall for this one: “It’s natural so it must be okay.” Strychnine, botulinum toxin, hemlock, deadly nightshade, elemental lead, elemental mercury are all natural and all deadly. Although most of today’s medications have molecular structures that are based on natural sources (plant-, mold-, or animal-derived), “natural” or “herbal” does not mean “safe.”

Watch out for off-brands of multi-vitamins. A recent study of vitamin E supplements found that a few of the brands contained less than ten percent of the stated amount. In addition to containing the stated amount, the supplement must be in a tablet, capsule, or effervescent form that will dissolve and can be absorbed from the small intestine into the blood stream. Choose a reputable brand such as GNC, TwinLab, Nature Made, and others. Look for something that contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for most of its constituents. Use that daily multiple vitamin to support a well-rounded and nutritious diet….”