Monique Gordon (Binky)

Monique Gordon is a Poet, Author, Performance Artist, and Activist.  Her interactive creative arts performances include The Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Chris’ Corner Books for Kids & Teens, First Person Festival, Philadelphia University, The Kelly Writers House, and other venues geared towards various demographics. Her participation on WXPN’s World Live Café in February 2001 and the documentary Life Stories from Philadelphia (1992-2007) launched workshops and interviews on managing Type 1 Diabetes. As a result of a viewer watching a rerun of Life Stories in 2003, she came to Monique’s aid. Recognizing that Monique was having a low blood sugar reaction, she knew just what to do. The Good Samaritan’s deed led to a dual interview by columnist Michael Klein of the Philadelphia Inquirer titled Thanks for Watching, where Monique and Kim shared their story.

Monique’s works-in progress include articles on Type 1 Diabetes, the Binky book series, and a medley of short stories.  She also recently launched Endo’s blog, dedicated to her Chihuahua/Terrier.  Monique rescued Endo, and without any prior service training the lovable K-9 alerts Monique when she is having a diabetic insulin reaction, and awakens her at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. to test blood sugar.

Listen to “Binky’s Words” by Monique Gordon

Listen to “Square Dance” by Monique Gordon

Listen to “Ayinde 3rd” by Monique Gordon


11 thoughts on “Monique Gordon (Binky)

  1. This website is intended to inform, inspire, provoke thought, and evoke a smile. And sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than reading a traditional book, newspaper, or trade magazine. Feel free to leave your post and imagination!

  2. Monique you are sooo talented! What a pleasure it is to enter the wonderful world of you, Endo and Binky! I’ll be sure to visit often and let the gang know what you’re up to. Peace and Many Blessings, carla

    • Hi Carla,

      We’re just getting started. Be patient. Endo and I are working on updating the site with photos, posts, and fun quizzes. As you know, I’m doing most of the work as he lounges in luxury. By the way, he wants to make an app’t for reflexology?


  3. Dear Monique, did you create this wonderful web site all by yourself? It is a treat! Hope lots of connections are made. RRrufff to your dear sidekick! Love and prayer, Bern

    • Greetings Sister Bern!
      How are you? The concept and themes are my ideas, but the layout was designed by located in the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). My sidekick is going to load more photos after he consumes breakfast, romps in the park, and has his massage. We’ll keep you posted. Endo said, “RRRufff and he hopes to see you soon.”


  4. Wow, Monique! This site is awesome. This gives you an opportunity to display all of your God given talents in one place. You continue to inspire me. High five Endo for me.

    • Thank you! Belated, but not forgotten-Happy Veteran’s Day! Maybe Endo and will I make you lunch to celebrate the occasion and drop it past you job. I’ll make sure that he wears gloves and a cap (LOL).


  5. Monique,
    This site is superior!!!
    All the best to you and the intelligent Endo! Room 219 hope to see you this Friday. God bless.

    • Hi Mattie!
      Thanks for viewing the site. Yes, you will see me Friday w/ prose, poetry, parent/child activities and lots more. Free classes for parents and their children are being held at PA Academy of the Fine Arts on Saturdays. They are featuring Birth of the Cool. Visit


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