Steps to a happier pet (cat/dog/ferret etc.) from the Humane Society of U.S.

  • Steps depend on your pet’s breed (dog, cat, ferret, horse etc.)
  • Log on to and search for your pet’s breed
  • Make sure pet wears ID tag to enable him/her to be returned if lost
  • Prevent animal behavioral problems by enrolling pet in behavioral training or visit
  • Visit your vet once a year for a complete medical exam
  • “In case of an emergency , don’t leave your pet!”
  • Create a Pet Disaster Kit that includes fresh water, cans of pet food, current photos, identification, gauze (pet vet wrap),  and a supply of any medication your pet is taking

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  • Create a kit for yourself as well. Include a blanket, meds (baby aspirin, antibiotic ointment, etc) can opener, phone #’s, ID, cash on hand, water,  crackers, juice boxes,  peanut butter, food w/zip pop tops, pre-moistened wipes, WD 40 (Don’t put WD40 in car trunk. If your trunk’s lock freezes the WD40 is useless .) etc.
  • Remember, before supplies become outdated use them and replenish
  • Plan for pets future
  • Avoid dog bites
  • Pick up a coupon @ shelter and get pet spayed/neutered



3 thoughts on “Steps to a happier pet (cat/dog/ferret etc.) from the Humane Society of U.S.

  1. What info do you have on cats? Everyone always talk about dogs but never cats, so what infor can you give for cats:-) Also, call me and leave your number on my machine or cell. Stay cool.

    • Hi Hannah,
      All pets need a first aid kits, annual physical, regular grooming etc. In addtion, whether a cat stays indoors or not they need flea and tick meds spring, summer and fall months.


      1. provide safe play area for outdoors
      2. change soiled or empty water dish with fresh water
      3. have more than 2 feeding bowls (stainless steel, ceramic or glass)
      4. wash beding and toys w/ eco-friendly products
      5. Use eco-friendly products for cleaning: baking soda, vingar, murphy oil, bon ami cleanser, simple green
      6. Place pet on premises sign in wimdow. Leave window (not accessible to intruders) 1-2 in. cracked for ventilation
      7. When home, place double sliding screen in window to prevent cat fr. poking hole in outside screen and falling out.


      1. put pet in basment unless it’s clean, renovated, free mold and other hazards. If you won’t sleep in basement, neither should pet.
      2. overfeed pet (Over feeding causes diabetes, pancreatic disease, obesity etc.)
      3. Stay away from home over 5 hrs. Pets develop anxiety. Have a friend/relative check on pet
      Visit and search cat safety
      websites for pets:,,
      reference book: The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care b C.J Puotinen or visit a use book store and scan shelves on pet care

      Endo, Eve and I hope this helps:))

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