Those with Diabetes Don’t Have to Lose Their Teeth

Reminder: Try keeping blood sugars close to target range
1. Motorized tooth brushes are best for those with medical conditions when it is difficult to brush hard to reach areas

2. Change toothbrush or bristles after 2-3 months of use, if bristles appear worn, or after a cold and sore-throat to prevent bacteria

3. Floss teeth daily (especially before bed)

4  Use long handle proxy brush to clean between bridge work, partials, and gaps.

5. Use a tongue scraper to remove film from tongue

6. Squeeze toothpaste on dry brush and brush teeth in circular motion and gums in 45 degree angle

7. Brush tongue, under tongue, roof of mouth, cheeks, and all three areas of teeth (inside, outside and top)

8. Invest in a waterpik

9. Brush in the morning and before bed

What to do when you’re out and need to brush teeth

Eat an apple, a chunk of hard non-processed cheese, or small amount of nuts

What to do if you lack dental insurance
1. Schedule appointment with dental school. Their fees are less than private dental office, and work is comparable if not better.
2. Schedule appointment with  Community College School for Hygienists were cleanings are free.
3. Inquirer about teeth studies at dental school for those with diabetes or other conditions


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