Pet Preparation-Are you prepared? audio and listing

Click to listen “Trust and Awareness” by Ezekiel

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Once you adopt a pet; you become the parent. Be responsible!

Click link below and be proactive when it comes to caring for your pet

Winter weather pet prep!.

Ear Wash Recipe

Pet products are expensive, but you can save money by conducting thorough research and make some items. (Solution is useful for dogs, cats, ferrets etc.)

Common mistakes pet owners make:

1. Not providing pets with clean water or enough proper dish-ware

2. Leaving pet alone more than 5 hours

3. Not updating immunizations

4. Stopping Interceptor,  flea and tick medication… (Always order 3-6 months worth to avoid high cost or use reputable  mail order *pet pharmacies.)

5. Not cleaning dog‘s paws after walk; not cleaning pet’s face (use plain warm water); and not providing pet with proper bedding

6. Not harnessing during car ride; allowing pet to sit in front seat ($300 fine); allowing pet to hang from window (When pet’s head hangs out car window, flying debris causes injury to eyes, nose, and ears.)

7. Under or overfeeding pet; feeding pet improper diet (i.e. Chicken bones, gravy, bread, fast food, etc. leads to injuries and diseases.)

8. Failing to interact pet  with others, or nurture pet by stroking

9. Failing to offer pet safe environment free of danger, chaos, and loud noises

5 star pets foods, toys, and body care produced in USA (free of rendered meats, and FD &C dyes, artificial preservatives, grains, fillers, and soy.)

1. Halo Pet (foods, snacks, recipes, pet-care tips…)

2. Wellness Pet Food

3. Castor & Pollux ( food, snacks, toys…)

4. Earthbath (foam products that don’t need water, however sometimes it good to give pet a traditional bath)

*Notes – On days you cannot give pets bath apply baking soda to pet’s brush and groom pet. In addition, most shampoos can be used on both cats and  dogs. If you find that pet shampoo is expensive use Eco-friendly liquid dish detergent for manual dish wishing (i.e. Sun & Earth, Seventh Generation…) Be careful-You can dry a pet’s fur/skin by over washing or using harsh shampoos.

“A man’s soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog .” by Charles Daron


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