It causes raise in blood-sugar for female diabetics.

It’s been given nicknames and negative meanings by some.

Notes travel from one girl to the next, unraveling its mystery.

“It” by Monique Gordon 

Menstrual Cycles and Breast Examines; Menstrual Cycles and Autoimmune Diseases

Menstrual Myths


2 thoughts on “IT/audio

  1. What a coincidence, so to say, yesterday I went to see the Hypogeum in Malta, where the sleeping lady has been found: a representation of the Female Goddess.
    Beautiful poem!

    • Wow! I would have love to experience that. Last year I visited Laurel Hill Cemetery. I went on a self guided tour because I was able to visit sites easy to walk. I’m not able to walk up hill with neuropathy. What I saw was fascinating. The tombs and mausoleums has interesting bios of the decease’s life (e.g., philanthropists, doctors for the indigents, etc.) The tour included cooking demonstration for the dead at a nearby farmer’s market. The food was delicious!

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