Diabetes Gone Wild

Diabetics Gone Wild

Complaints of violators soared weekly: Judge/bailiff /recorder…

Diabetics runnin’ amok caused Law Clerk fruitless days.

Calling from work, Law Clerk whispers,

Judge eats sweets, whole pizza, drinks organic wine.

“She didn’t share? Call OSHA.”

No time for jokes. If she dies, I’ll lose job,

he sulks as he job-hunts on job.

Judge/bailiff have Type 2 diabetes, recorder has Type 1. 

Recorder has insulin pump like you.

Judge dozes during trial. Blood-sugar’s high. 

When she croaks, I’ll be jobless! 

“No other judges? Okay, I’ll come.

I’ll wear my D-cape bearing friendly snacks.

Through horn I’ll state, ‘I hear there’s a pack of diabetics gone wild…’

If visit fails, I’ll bring want ads.”



6 thoughts on “Diabetes Gone Wild

  1. Its true less someone is willing to help themselves you can’t do anything for them – they have to want to be helped first though at times a little advice doesn’t hurt.

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