Are you making yourself sick?


This could happen to you!

Daily I witness people causing their own food poisoning, and other ailments. Most cases are preventable.

  • If you buy pre-washed salad mix, wash it again. It’s impossible for manufacture to remove all residue.
  • Wash all produce before eating, cooking, or cutting. Cutting and peeling, and then eating unwashed produce causes ailment  and cross contamination.
  • Wash hands when entering house, and not in the kitchen sink. Wash hands before eating or opening frig.
  • Before preparing meat, have  a basin of warm soap water available to wash hands to avoid touching faucet.
  • Never bite from sandwich, then place in frig for later. Cut what you want; and never eat from plate then place what’s left in frig. Separate what you want to eat. Once you taste foods, and store it, bacteria forms.
  • If you can, avoid self-serve food bars, or food sampling displays.  Dirty hands, double dipping, saliva, coat sleeves, and other DNA touches food (I witness customers conversing over, stirring, and sticking hands in salad bars.)
  • Don’t talk on phone in bathroom. You’re not a hostage, so why are you on the phone?
  • Don’t eat while talking on phone. Phone particles enters receiver and accumulate overtime. Voilà! You can contract e-coli.

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