Why Don’t More People Read

New York Times, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer piled high; patrons pay $5 for coffee, whining, “Newspaper price is too expensive. I don’t want to read bad news. I don’t like reading.”

Bookshelves bevel in thrift-shops, trade in bookstores, libraries.

Everybody’s chatting/texting/searching best place to drink, eat, shop to and from destinations on bus. Being in the dark is trend; being informed is passé.

Monthly giveaway of books, videos, records at library has no takers.  Books crowding shelves are tossed with the breeze, creating space for what’s fresh.

Young child receiving book as gift from teacher said, “My mom throws books away that I don’t read.”

Young teen entering library asks, “Is this the library? Wow, I never been in here. I didn’t  know building was so stunning inside.”

*Note:  You have to stay informed rather it’s “bad” or “good” news. How would you know what to avoid (recalls, traffic, travel…) if all you heard was “good ” news?  Every book published in the past and present cannot be found on  e-book, Nook, Kindle… What happens when power is lost?


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