Summer Heat!

Kit E. Cat chillin’ on her bamboo mat

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Sometimes, the  same rules that apply to humans about summer heat also apply to our  pets.

1.  Stay hydrated

2. Avoid staying in heat for long periods

3.  Apply pet sunscreen  for light-colored animals

4. Check pet’s vital signs for heat exhaustion

5. Please don’t dress animals in T-shirt. I don’t care how cute the shirt seems.

6. Carry bottle  with water to mist pet.

Safety tip list

  • Don’t leave your pet alone during extreme weather conditions!
  • Create a Pet Disaster Kit  (fresh water, cans of pet food, current photos, ID,  & a supply of medication pet is taking)
  • Check with vet before purchasing any over the counter flea or tick shampoos, collars, or medication to avoid toxicity.
  • Visit vet for blood test/preventives  measures for heart-worm disease from  misquote bites.
  • Never  yell or hit pet to reprimand them. To discourage unwanted behavior spray cat with water. For dog use a firm voice, “No.” Never pull dog by collar.
  • Fireworks, thunderstorms, and other loud noises frighten pets. Provide a safe place for pet to retreat, and distract pet with soothing music, or toys.  For sever cases consult vet.

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