Conversation between Newly Diagnosed PWD and Myself

NDPWD-Newly Diagnosed Person w/Diabetes

Me: “I received a call stating you want to ask me some questions about diabetes.”
PWD: “Yes, sort of.”
Me: “Would you prefer calling me when you’re sure?”
PWD: “I’m confused on why I’m taking insulin, and cholesterol medication.”
Me: “Is your doctor a diabetes specialist, and did he or she offer diabetes educational classes?”
PWD: “I’m not sure. And yes I took three, three-hour classes.”
Me: “Did you ask the doctor and educator to simplify medical jargon.”
PWD: “No.”
Me: “I suggest you call both of them with a list of concerns and questions. In addition find out if you have Type 1, 2, MODY or LADA diabetes.”
PWD: “I’m trying to finish an acrylic painting on canvas. Can I call you some other time?”
Me: “You should call the medical team first. I can only assume why insulin and cholesterol medication was prescribed.”
PWD: “If you still don’t understand I’ll gladly answer your questions.”

Before ending the call I gave him a few websites contain information in layman’s terms with a virtual link to the pancreas. I would have offered some tangible journals that I have on hand, but intuition let me know he wouldn’t appreciate it. My desert dog ears didn’t hear the sound of a writing apparatus, or computer keys tapping. Do you think he jotted the information?


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