The Call

This afternoon I received a disturbing call from my former plumber.  He kept my phone number after installing a heater in 2006.  “Monique, how are you?  Remember me, I installed your heater,” he said.  Not thinking I responded, “What wrong with my heater?  Is there a recall?  Should I have it cleaned?  Did my sister call you?”  “  No,” he chuckled, “I saved your number after we discussed diabetes, and some issues my mother was having with her diabetes.”

Recently his mother was placed in a convalescent home after suffering a stroke.  The monthly residential fee, along with medical co-payments for supplies are costly.  He needed information on other resources available to cover the cost. Supplemental insurance is becoming costly, and not covering all  her prescriptions.  Immediately I provided names of organizations that would be of service.  Nevertheless, why should anyone have to call one agency after another to get help?  The morals of medical manufactures, and government can ruin you mentally.  Manufactures of medical supplies should give repeated customers quarterly complimentary supplies. Why is socialized medicine consider faulty?  The thought of becoming a victim of the system is scary.   Sometimes roadblocks can aid in ending lives.  It is Dr. Kevorkian without the compassionHow can one live stress-free when the masses create unnecessary hurdles?


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