Message from SEIU

In solidarity let voices be heard! Did you know that Europe has already worked on their budget crisis. What’s taking our Congress so long? Remember, majority of us are a pay check from be laid off, or having benefits cut.

Message from SEIU

The New York Times reported on a debt ceiling deal that would make deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits without asking for an ounce of sacrifice from corporations and millionaires. The bill would add millions to the unemployment rolls and deny medical care to the most vulnerable among us – including many of the people SEIU members care for on a daily basis. It’s up to us to stop this bill. You should make an emergency call to your member of Congress RIGHT NOW and tell them to stand strong against these cuts.

Use this phone number: 1-877-736-7831

Together we can stop this bill with enough grassroots participation. Today, dozens of member-driven groups are pushing calls to Congress encouraging their representatives to stand strong against these outrageous cuts. Please make the call. Remember, you have worked too hard to allow Congress to cut your benefits.


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