The Highs and Lows of Hypos and Hypers

When I feel nauseous from hyperglycemia, or  irritable from  hypoglycemia symptoms I treat them as if they’ll  last . Don’t makes a plans for  a date, a movie or a dinner  because I predict that I’ll still be tired. Yup, even if you plan meeting a year from now.

“How do you know you’ll be sick next week?” a friend asked.

“I just know.”

“Are you going to the wedding next month?”

“Nooo, I’ll might be sick. I’m tired.”

Diabetes sick days put me in a stupor. Sometimes, sometimes they  cause me to lay all my last days demands in writing. But when I increase those basal rates for my insulin pump,  or eat those disgusting glucose tablets in a few hours I’m relieved of all negative thoughts.


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