What Diseases Do You Find Yourself Discussing?

Discussing  the ills of eating poorly, remedies for menstrual cycle,  opinions on Hollywood gossip part our lips easily. When it comes to relationship and protecting yourself we never discuss STDS. Even when some adults discuss menstrual cycles they fear using correct terminology. They whisper, laugh, joke. If a person can’t discuss something that occurs naturally, they discuss VD, Chlamydia, or HIV/AIDS. Often we discuss how to keep a girl or guy, but never how to protect yourself from contracting STDS. We know where to go, what to say, and  wear to lure them, but safe sex never part our lips.

Today, I found myself discussing nutrition with a stranger concerned about her health. I offered diabetes literature conveniently  in my bag. I even promised her  a diabetes cookbook  that’s collecting dust on the shelf. While bagging my cotton balls, peroxide, and glucose tables our conversation became in-depth. She discussed becoming sick from eating lighter fluid burgers at a barbecue, reflux from diary, and her sons being candidates for MODY.

Once discussion ended I went to my dentist appointment where I set in the waiting room reading Essence Magazine 2008. Nutrition, Fashion, Single Life and Freedom, and last HIV/AIDS  was the featured story. At first I thought about confiscating the magazine, that removing the three page article on HIV/AIDS and keep it for further reading. After glancing at the facings in the waiting area I thought, ” I might being doing someone a disservice that needs to read this article.”  Jotting the pertinent  information from the article: Marvelyn Brown‘s biography  The Naked Truth,  pointers on discussing HIV/AIDS with  others, resources, etc. My next venture will be to have an open forum on HIV/AIDS: Definition, myths, facts, and preventive measures. How can we expect to end this pandemic if we seldom discuss it?


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