Eat Raw and Cure All that Ails?

Sitting in the vestibule was an Eat Raw flyer stating benefits, price, fund-raiser, and classes.  Eat all you can eat for $35! Why would one want to eat hours on end? To think this chick was promoting healthy eating.  So I continued reading ad’s spill, “Learn about diabetes, cancer, arthritis…” Is she a nutritious? Is she knowledgeable on all types of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, side effects?

I eat healthy, along with being mindful about ingredients, preparation, portion control.  I know what one can and cannot eat raw (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, collard, turnip, and dandelion greens should be blanched and cut small).

Okay, let’s see who solicited this info. It was a childhood friend that knows zilch about everything. However, if Oprah and majority of her friends are doing it, then she’s jumping on board. I know plenty of health fanatics that developed diabetes, arthritis, cancer etc, yet they never let others know. It’s not your fault, sometimes it’s environmental or genetics.

I know she wants me to call, maybe to ask questions or even thank her for the literature. Calling means having a battle.

“If your pancreas made insulin once, it can do it again.”

“Yeah, with stem cells or islet transplant.”

“Nooo, just juices and eat raw. Drink some herbal tea. See my friend the pseudo food expert/witch doctor.”

After conversation, that will be the end, until another four years,

“Remember when grandfather passed. The surgery caused his tumor to masticize after the operation.”

“Removing a tumor can’t cause it to grow. It had to have spread before procedure.”

“You think you know everything.”

“Not everything. Only what you ask me.”

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