Let the Canine Be Your Guru

Click to listen What Really Matters by Ezekiel Zagar

A rump in the park wasn’t enough for Endo so we headed downtown.  A stroll through Rittenhouse Square walk wasn’t enough for him, so his twelve pound body pulled me pass the bus stop towards the “Coming Out Fest”. Endo received LGBT stickers, lays, roses, and more. We watched religious fanatics protest as the crowd ignored by them. We watched a tightrope act, men perform in drag , and couples dos-a-dos to “Turkey in the Straw”.  I had so much fun that had forgotten the awkward feeling of nine screws in my left ankle as well as the chores awaiting at home.  I didn’t forget about testing my blood sugar or changing my  insulin pump site though.

This was a day about support. This was a day about empowerment, equality. There was no time to be concerned about people wondering if I was gay or straight. This was a time to focusing on learning about homelessness, suicide, and abuse among the gay community. I found organizations helping people, helping  our environment, helping stray animals. This is what existence is about.


http://www.jeansdonations.org (Recycle unwanted jeans for those in need and for Eco-friendly installation)

http://www.atticyouthcenter.org/ (for teens and young adults)




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