Endo said,

If you have a baby or pet sitter you might need to track them during outings. Why?

1. Sitter dragging child by arm

2. Sitter dragging dog by leash

3. Sitter yelling at child

4. Sitter not allowing pet enough time to go to bathroom

5. Sitter chatting or cell and not attentive to child or pet (e.g. pushing coach into traffic and not paying attention; dog lagging behind as sitter chats on cell.)

If you have children or pets and you’re guilty of this, maybe you should be watched.

Don’t feed your pet junk. Click link and read about foods in your frig that are not healthy for your pet(s).


www.balanceit .com

Don’t feel like reading link? Buy a pet book. Get monthly updates from www.ASPCA.org (e.g., recalls, safety tips, vet info, etc.).


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