Do They Really Want to Help or Convert?

I have a problem with donating to causes back by religion.  Why do some religions feel the need to shakabuku others into joining their faith before offering help?  Helping without a motive is more Christ like. What? You’ll let a person starve unless they sit down to hear some giber.  Yesterday, I was handed a pamphlet from an organization supposedly helping women and children affected with HIV/AIDS.  The list read:

$5 buys toiletries

$10 buys seeds and food for crops

$15-20 buys educational supplies

$20-50 buys clothes and linens

$100 buys HIV/AIDS meds and a bible per person

Why do they need a bible? Eliminate the bible and they can buy necessities.  It won’t cure HIV, halt aging, lower health care premiums, or get you a mansion on the hills. For centuries missionaries have been a pain in the ass, playing the guilt trip game on the weak.  I never survived catechism because I questioned everything, leaving the teacher bewildered. At age nine I was set free from attending church. Being good to others, becoming one with nature, and having fun at camp was all that I needed.


One thought on “Do They Really Want to Help or Convert?

  1. That is a shame because one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. If they wanted to provide bibles then they should do so for all that would like them. I find that very interesting.

    Though I do still attend church, I certainly classify myself as more spiritual and nondenominational.

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