Obsessed With Marriage

“Have you ever been married?” she asks,

“Have you thought about  marriage?”

Missing deceased spouse she dreams midnight hours of marriage.

Is she in need of a spouse or companionship?

The two are entirely different.

Last year, year earlier, and in recent  mist of words

Not relating to subject she asks, “Have you thought of getting married?”

I can think it, however  a prospect’s required.

I can think it, but one must be ready.

To answer question―Nooo.  Relax, he might come.

Relax, find a hobby, focus on you.  Relax,

Ignore studies on high mortality of singles.

Death comes a knockin’ on wasted energy obsessin’ about it.

Death comes a knockin’ hookin’-up with wrong spouse.

Death comes a knockin’ when ya find out he eats crackers in bed.



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