Insurance Company Bull

While waiting for doctor my eyes zoomed into a convoluted five page listing on coverage for durable diabetes  equipment. Aetna, Bluecross, Bravo (Crapo), Humana (In Humane), etc. provided doctors with blood testing kits they’re willing to cover under what circumstances. If doctor prefers one over the other,  explanation is required. “What’s this crap?” Endo replied, “That’s my sentiment as well.”  Bull crap ultimatums reads, If machine A is not beneficial for patient select machine B, if B is not beneficial contact office by phone or fax.

Let’s say you have nerve damage and or visually impaired and need blood testing kit that holds a drum and features a larger screen, but your insurance doesn’t cover it, your doctor have to show evidence of medical necessity of an alternative device. Between paperwork,  phone calls, and patient care doctors are laden with red tape.  There has to be a better way.  Pray that the person making asinine decisions suffers spasms every time he conjures something stupid. Migraine. Hand tremors. Pierce arm pain. What do you suggest?


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