Comments without Thinking

A few years back, I was concerned about losing my health insurance because I couldn’t afford the premiums. Luckily, a social worker at the hospital found resources to aid with the premiums.  As I worried a friend said, “At least you don’t have car payments.” Since she caught me off  guard I let her remark slide.  Taken aback by her comment, I called her to rehashed the conversation. “You decided to buy the car. I didn’t decided to have diabetes,” I said angrily.  Trying to justified her comment she said, “$431 per month for medical insurance is nothing compared to $639 plus tax for monthly car  payments.” “Yeah, once your car in paid off I’ll still have diabetes. Anyway, what school of logic did you attend?” I said with venom. It didn’t stop there. I reintroduced the many stupid comments and decisions she made over the years about everything and anything. I reminded her about the bounced checks,  the post dated checks, and asking people to return checks so she could buy someone a birthday gift.   Are we still friends? Nope.


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