You don’t always have to react right away…

“You don’t always have to react  right away to a situation.”

Woman Dentist Gets Back at Ex-Boyfriend By Pulling Out All His Teeth [Revenge]

This story is amusing, yet farcical. Do some men have rocks for brains? Why would he expect her to have mercy and treat his pain?  I’m not a forgiving person, but I would never ruined my career for a dumb cluck. I would have directed him to another dentist. If I wanted to “kill him with kindness” I would have given him a consultation. Of course I would have asked for cash or his credit card number before service was rendered.

I had a co-worker return from a four-day seminar early only to find her husband lying in their bed with another woman. She quietly shut the door and left. She then went to see her mother for advice on the matter.  Hours later, she calmly returned to her home with her mother, and a lawyer. They entered the bedroom and handed the husband divorce papers. He and the girlfriend set wrapped in linen from embarrassment. See, that’s how you handle a situation.

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