Book Review: Pedro and Me

After reading Steinbeck‘s A Long Valley (a book of spellbound short stories) , my eyes needed a rest from the small font. In need of a new genre, and something fast pace, a librarian at Philadelphia Fight  recommended Pedro & Meby Judd Winick. Pedro & Me is an autobiographical story in comic book form.  It’s about the serendipitous meeting of two men (a struggling writer/artist and a HIV/AIDS educator/activist) during the filming of MTV’s The Real World. The story focuses on the friendship of Judd and Pedro during and after the six month filming of The Real World. The author reflects  on his and Pedro’s life as children before introducing the plot. You learn their struggles, their triumphs, and their passions. You even get a chance to travel to Cuba, and learn Pedro’s family escape to America. The story is educational, humorous, poignant, face pace, and evokes one to bring about political and social change about the various disparities in the world. Not to mention, you learn about HIV/AIDS from a person living with the disease. Last, the prologue  the epilogue, and the resource guide or worth reading also.

Note: There are new medications for those living with HIV/AIDS. Those with HIV/AIDS are living longer with less side effects and resistance to meds. Also , new infections are reduced. Learn more about HIV/AIDS and other conditions to by visiting reputable sources:


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