Kurt Andersen’s Protagonist has T1 Diabetes…


Kurt Andersen‘s character was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age two. How does Kurt Anderson know so much about diabetes? He was diagnosed at age sixteen. During Kurt’s interview with Terry Gross, he said,”…having diabetes involves playing doctor…”  I can’t wait to read this period peace.

True Believers is not an essay; it just feels like one. It is a novel narrated by Karen Hollander, a 64-year-old diabetic grandmother who Zeliged her way through every imaginable cultural and political news event of her youth. In 1968 Karen supposedly did something so drastic that it later destroyed her chance of being on the Supreme Court. Mr. Andersen gets through most of “True Believers” suspenselessly before he explains what that was about.” – NYT, July 11. 2012



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