Comfortable Sport Shorts that benefit runners, diabetics, those with neuropathy…

Comfortable Sport Shorts that benefit those runners, diabetics, those with neuropathy...

I bought my shorts for 50% off at Rittenhouse Sports 1717 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. The owner of the store (Karen) recommended them. She’s an avid biker, runner, soccer player…and is educated in sports injuries, foot-care, and problems that affect the back, feet, neck…I wore the shorts under my sweat pants yesterday, and my thighs never felt better. My neuropathy didn’t feel as bad after wearing them.

Excerpt taken from Saucony’s Webpage

“Saucony AMP PRO2 unites the benefits of compression with Celliant, a specially formulated technical fiber, delivering more oxygen to your blood, to help you recover faster and perform better.


The secret to our apparel is an innovative compound consisting of 13 natural minerals infused into a polyester fiber. The micron sized particles enable light emitted by the body to be absorbed by the Celliant fibers. These fibers then act as a catalyst and recycle this energy back to the body. The body then absorbs this previously unavailable energy, triggering biological functions to increase blood flow and oxygen levels.”


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