Protein Bars to Prevent Low Blood-Sugar

I priced and checked ingredients for protein bars to avoid low blood sugars, and I wasn’t happy. I found several bars ranging from low to high in price: $5.49 for  five bars to $41.88 for twelve bars. Some had artificial ingredients, some had chocolate, some had nuts. So I googled recipes for protein bars and found the link below. You can alter the recipe to your likings. I used all organic ingredients: low-fat unsweetened shredded coconut ($3.99 for 8 oz, bag), unsweetened carob powder or chips ( $4/lb.), old-fashioned oats ($2.39/lb.), almond flour ($3.99/lb.)… along with some of the ingredients found in the link. Sometimes I replace the egg with greek yogurt. Be creative and play with the recipe! As you can see, I made shaped the mixture into cookies. Three small cookies equals a bar. I went further and made more changes for doggie treats. Let’s not forget the cat. I cut chicken in small pieces, added parley, oregano, and canola oil, then baked until crisp.


Protein Bars on the Food Network.


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