Bacon, Eggs and Grits…

Eat on a nine-inch plate. Keep food within the inner circle of plate: 1/2 non-starch veggies; 1/4 lean protein; 1/4 whole grains; 1/2-1 serving of fruit; 1 serving of dairy… How many times do you have to drill patients with this song? “I have something to say” a woman blurts, “I wake up at noon and drink coffee with cream and sugar, grits with butter, bacon or scrapple and two fried eggs.” “Try drinking the coffee before your meal with a teaspoon of cream and sugar followed by 1/4 cup of grits [w/o fat], 1 strip of bacon or small piece of scrapple, 1 egg, slice of dry whole grain toast, 1 cup of raw spinach, arugula, or mixed greens,” advised the dietician.  “That sounds nasty!” laughs the patient,”I like what I like.” I understood the dietician. Drinking coffee with a meal deplete nutrients that you eat; and scaling your meal and adding veggies helps curb your appetite.This women wasted energy to get dress and then travel a distance to argue about what she was and wasn’t going to do. What’s the point?


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