A Living Will, by Monique Gordon

We rinse soiled containers, collapse boxes, stack and tie magazines and papers; and remove plastic and metal lids from glass. We pack trash less than forty-six pounds (no more than eight bags). I pack one bag, home cooking, recycling, and composting lessens load. We bend nails in wood, and tie wood in stacks of four. I don’t want trash workers to cut themselves. Injuries cost tax payers money. We donate fabric switches and wood remnants to art schools. Giiirl, you have too much time on your hands. We wrap garbage and pet waste in newspaper. Waste ferments in plastic, creates bad odors, attracts pests. We reuse bread and frozen-food bags for pets waste in emergencies. Who buys pet waste bags? I can use money for something else.  We use paper lawn bags instead of plastic. It’s Eco-friendly. Plastic causes Global Warming. Wildlife dies, our spring is short; our winter is warm. No snow. Summer droughts. Heat waves, tornadoes, unexplained storms… We label lawn bags TRASH in red indelible marker. Trash workers are programmed to recycle anything in paper or white plastic bags.  We recycle pens, batteries, small electronics at the University. How come you’re the only one that knows about this?  We consume less meat, poultry, fish, fat, and more nuts, produce, grains, legumes. Sushi is an appetizer, not a meal. We eat on China−paper’s last resort. We make our pet-food from scratch, filter their water, serve meals in food-grade stainless steel, glass, or silicon dishes. They’re animals. What do they care? They’re more than animals. They’re family. We let our pets recline indoors on cushions, takes them on walks, cool their bodies when it’s hot, warm them when it’s cold. Even animals in the wild seek shelter. They don’t sit on concrete. They make dens with leaves. We grow succulent plants to absorb odors, cool the home, deaden noise. We use citrus rinds for facials, dry it for tea, potpourri… That’s what Early Man practiced. It beats brain destroying toxins. That made rowing boat as he squirts blue dye in toilet bowl is useless… We boycott Styrofoam, BPA, GMOs,Teflon, aluminum…It’s my living will.You have to die from something. We don’t have to die from anything that we can control.


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