Is it necessary

for organizations to have balloons, stickers, t-shirts,…especially designed to raise funds? Unless items are donated, It defeats the purpose. Do organizations deflate and depose of balloons properly to avoid killing wildlife? Why can’t they have a Eco-friendly fund-raiser? I ask this question after watching ACS Mother’s Day walk on a morning news program. There were thousands of pink balloons draped across the finished line over The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps. And what percentage of funds actually go towards research and  helping victims?  I’m leery when it comes to giving; I’m leery about where my money’s going, or not going.  There has to be a better system for some 501 (c )ash cow  organizations to handle their business. I do know of organizations that use their funds wisely, but they or far and in-between.

“Most major charities are surprisingly unresponsive to economic suffering and increased inequality, writes an advocate for more socially responsive philanthropy. …fueled by massive tax write-offs and paying big salaries to top executives, some look more like the problem than the solution.”



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