People Are Going to Believe What They Want

A woman  said,”I’m a seventy-year old fast food, sugar and salt eating, fried food junky, and  I don’t have any ailments. Yet, my sixty-four year old sister exercises  and eats nutritious foods and still got Type 2 diabetes.” After explaining the many ways a person can develop diabetes, this woman kept repeating, “I don’t believe it.”  Although the two sisters have healthy BMI‘s, the one with the high fat, sugar and salt diet deemed  herself healthier. When close-minded people get sick,  they’ll either keep it a secret or say, “It’s God’s will.” Why people blame God and the Devil for their misfortune is troubling. I didn’t know that God was so vindictive; and  I don’t believe that the Devil is wasting energy on people’s ignorance.



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