Survival Book for Women

When I was twenty, my sister gave me The Modern Woman‘s Guide To Life. If I had read it sooner I would have less horrific tales to share. Yes, mistakes are a learning tool, however, I wish that I had experienced fewer mistakes.

This book is full of useful tips: preparing food, dating, motherhood, aplomb, heat attacks, wills, underpinning, sex, self-defense, home improvements, do-it-your repairs, first aid… It’s witty, humorous, truthful…with illustrations in layman’s terms.  I’ve decided to have a female gathering (ages 15 and over) and use the book as a guide to create a fun yet serious Question and Answer session, and give healthy appetizers with healthy survival tips.

Many women don’t practice dating themselves. Feeling the need to always have company makes you vulnerable. You’re more likely to neglect your needs: pap smears, breast exams, balance meals… Women need to stop crying the blues and have fun alone once in a while. You get a lot accomplished when you focus on you. Make you a priority. Create a list of realistic wants and needs and make them happen one-step-at-a-time.

Remember, all relationships are not solvable. Move on. If your mate leaves don’t mope. Make you attractive for you and have fun. Stop worrying about what others think. Worrying will kill you. Correct those old wives’ tales and learn to repair that faucet.


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