Wacky Radar Woman’s Beliefs

1. Teaching is a respectable profession so his mother will like me.

False: Some teachers are abused by parents and students; 3,876 teachers were lay-off by school district; some teachers were fired for molesting students, watching porn on school time, or impregnating students and vice versa.

2. If a man lives with his mother, he has no choice but to be honest.

False: He can always do his dirt when mommy is out of sight.

3. I’m glad that I have a period, it means I’m clean.

False: Menopausal women are clean too.

4. Buying a house next to my job means my boss won’t fire me. He knows that I’ll always be on time; and that I have bills to pay.

False: First, some people that live close to their jobs are still late. They tend to take time for granted by finding things to do before leaving home. Second, banks, the government, the educational system…couldn’t care less about your bills.

5. I’m tired of broke friends. They can never go anywhere or loan you money.

Some people lie about not having funds to avoid going out with annoying people.

6. If I let sunlight in my room, I’ll get Vitamin D.

Being outdoors after dawn and before dusk is the only way to receive Vitamin D from the sun.


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