Keeping Trash Pest-free and Odorless


Air fresheners are overrated and some are toxic. Keep trash and kitty litter-bin clean and use newspaper to wrap garbage and feces. And use two separate can. If you use gadgets to read the latest news, then you have a problem. Trash workers love me, pests hate me.

My trash is neat, odorless and never heavy.  Remember, plastic doesn’t breath, causing waste to ferment and smell. Before you follow steps below remember to clean trash bins with soap water as needed. Air dry and shake baking soda in it.

Steps for Cleaner Living

1. Keep newspaper by cat’s litter bin and in the kitchen by trash can.

2. Never use shiny newspaper

3. Tear newspaper in half vertically , then horizontally. For newsmagazine, just tear them in half.

4. Scrape residue from dishes, empty food particles from sink’s strainer onto newspaper and fold like a meat packer packs meat. Place in trash bin that’s lined w/a bag.

Kitty Litter, And Dog & Cat Feces

Never, never, never dump pets waste or litter in toilet or drain. Surf why of read the back of the litter box.

1.  When you see it, scoop in newspaper and wrap. Pick up dog’s feces with paper and wrap. Place in bin.

2. Clean Kitty litter bin throughly as needed.

– Have a bucket of hot soap water ready & old rag

– Open newspaper that has not been torn (3 sheets stacked) and dump litter on it.

Open newspaper to dump residue after you wipe bin down. Clean rag in soap water and wring excess water. Spray bin w/full strength vinegar and wipe.  Wipe bin dry and dump litter back into bin if it’s not read to be tossed.


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