Keep Your Pet Safe

1) Lubricate snout and paws with petroleum jelly to avoid chafing and protect pass from salt during winter months.

2) Short-hair dogs need coats. Nothing constricting.

3) wash paws after each walk with mild dish Eco-friendly detergent – Remember, your pet is tracking in everyone’s spit, urine, anti-freeze…

4) Remove your street-shoes after entering home and wear house shoes

5) Launder pet toys and bedding; vacuum home as needed.

6) Give pet fresh water 2-3 times /day (soiled water can be used for plants); and serve food in clean dish-ware.

7) Avoid high volume on TV/radio. Pet(s)’ ears are sensitive.

8) Play radio while you’re away from home. NPR is great. They have talk, music, news…

Refer to for monthly pet-care updates


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