Friends, Relatives, and You Can Transfer Bacteria That Can Cause Illnesses



Bacteria forms and grows on food and in drink once your mouth touches it, then store it for later. Rubbing eyes, blowing nose, tasting from pot is also a health hazard for you, and those eating your food.


1) Biting off sandwich, pizza, wrap…, eating from plate, bowl, container…, drinking from bottle, cup or glass then storing rest for later is unhealthy.

What happens? Bacteria forms on food/drink once your mouth and hands have touched it.

Alternative: Cut or break off what you what to eat; separate food from container that you plan to eat; Pour what you want to drink into a separate cup; Empty chips, crackers, raisins… onto plate/napkin w/o using your hands; Never offer food or drink to person once your lips, hands, or utensil has touched it. Always use a clean utensil/plate.

Bad Habits

1. Placing a bar of soap in bathroom for all to use; use liquid soap and lotion in pump bottle.

2.Wiping face with hands and serving food.

4.Reusing tissues/napkins.


1. Don’t share makeup, hand soap, towels, toothpaste, tweezers…

What can happen? Eye infection, rash, cold-sores…

Alternative: Carry personal items in travel bag-makeup, hand sanitizer, a small tube of toothpaste…

2. For house guest staying the night have clean towel,  wash cloth, personal bar of soap… (guest can take soap home after use).


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