D-Whop Blues (song) by Monique A. Gordon

Spoken blues are all true

You got diabetes- Why you not obese?

Chil’ you nice n’ trim-you look-healthy-to-meee.

You got diabetes-you’ll lose those kidneys then go blinnnd.

You got diabetes, you’ll lose your minnnd.

You got diabetes, chil’ you still alive?

You got a dog? Is he see an’ eye?

You got diabetes-you carry cane.

Chil’, diabetes made you lame?

I planned a road trip.

I shoulda came.

You got diabetes, do you come out in rain?

Is it a pump/a needle/a pill?

Chil’, what you use?

Tell me, tell me, tell me pleeease.

Teacher tripped on stone trick-or-treatin’ wid son.

‘What’s wrong sweetie?’ Parent sung

‘Sugar got your foot? With new tech,

‘Doc will cut it off, and get you a tin one.’

Hey neighbor. My eye’s are blurry.

You have diabetes, what should I do?

Thank God you have diabetes, and not my car note…

Silence, my answer to D-whop blues.

You got diabetes-that’s why-you-so-sweet.

Plant kiss here honey, knock-me-offa-my-feet.


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