Special Food for Special Guests

Good hosts serve varieties of food for all to enjoy.

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Special Food for Special Guests

Our guests are always special, but food really isn’t special, unless it is a favorite recipe. But as we said food isn’t special because all foods are meant to nourish our bodies and to keep us healthy (with the exception of “junk food”).

What is it then that the theme is referring too, special food? Well, some of our special guests my be gluten-free, nondairy, and vegan eaters. They may be by choice, or because of health issues and problems.

If you are someone who is wiling to make accommodation, then you can prepare your food selections with ingredients your special guests can eat, and the other “I don’t care what I eat” guests, will never know.

Invitation to a House Warming PartyBe Proactive

If you are not really sure of the dietary needs or restrictions of the ones you are inviting, ask them directly.

Or if the invite is by a written invitation, ask…

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