Can You Eat Cake?


My Easy Healthy Meal:

1-2 cups Japanese mix greens, mushrooms, and pickled cucumbers over 1/2 c. cellphone  pasta, tea, 1 small sl. pear wedges = 50 carbs

Someone asked, “Can diabetics eat cake?”

Why do some people focus on sweets when trying to learn about diabetes? Diabetes is not about cake, cookies, and pies. It’s about controlling foods that turn into sugar once eaten. Foods like grains, fruits, bread, starchy vegetables, pasta…Too much of the right foods can also affect blood-sugars. 10 grapes, 1 slice toast lightly buttered, 8 oz. non-fat, low-fat milk or almond milk (10 carbs or less), 1 egg with a side of sautéed carrots & spinach, no  problem.  For me, doubling the amount of  any one of the starches (grapes, toast, and some milks  and I’ll suffer the consequences: high blood-sugar,  sluggish feeling, metallic taste…This means taking more insulin. Taking more insulin means weight gain just so I can eat your meal is not worth it. The best balance diet for anyone with or without diabetes is the Mediterranean  diet. It’s considered a low glycemic index food and is key to good eating: eat on an 8 each plate keep all food in the center circle You should be able to see the designs in the plate. And please, don’t load food like Mt. Everest. If you must, have one small serving of dessert or ask host if you can take it home for later.


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