Beneath the Veil

Scan 4

Water color on recycled paper, charcoal, wrapping paper w/flowers. January 2014

Inspired by, Uthamz, “Another Dawn”

Beneath the Veil

Some people are crispy-golden-brown fried chicken.

When they show themselves,

they are residue left in skillet, gritty, slimy.

Some people are ocean water, a cascade of blues.

When they show themselves,

they are scum, tainting waves.

Some people are flowers, conspicuous, easily read.


3 thoughts on “Beneath the Veil

      • 🙂 ! Interesting !

        It is only natural and logical that what ever be our creations – paintings , music , photographs , sculptures – will have have a bit of ourselves in it .Something that reveals the self . Analysis of the creation , if done well , can bring out the traits of the creator. Great creations like the paintings of Vangogh , sculptures of Michaelangelo – all been analysed and a lot of publications have been made .

        I am just an amateur , a beginner , someone still fumbles with apertures and ISOs .It is just a hobby for me.

        It has been nice to visit your blog. Shall visit more often. Keep going !


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