232 Pages of Mumbo Jumbo

I received a diabetes resource guide at a diabetes forum on organizing my life. The first 15 guests received a copy. Don’t worry late arrivals you didn’t miss much.

This morning I removed  20 pages that were beneficial and tossed remaining pages in recycling bin. Book priced at $19.95 needed pictures and fewer words. Three paragraphs on organizing closet for supplies? Four pages on why I need a check list for diabetes supplies during travel? Just give me the damn checklist sample. Design a Stress-free life in five pages of words, words, and more words. A list with bullets would have sufficed. Author provided three chapters for caregivers. I imagine a caregiver chucking book and calling 911. Did I mention that I tried giving the book away? If you are considering writing a self-help book keep it simple. Real simple. Other wise your book will be bypassed.


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