Your Co-worker Is Not A Doctor

Friend: Why can’t the doctor remove both cataracts at the same time?

Me: Unless you have a guide stick and or guide dog, why have both done?

Friend: I heard that I won’t need glasses after surgery. Is that true? Didn’t you have yours removed?

Me: Yes, but they were congenital. I had them remove when I was ages 21 and 24.

Friend: Doc said I have to stay home for 7 days after surgery. I think I’ll return sooner.

Me: Suppose you rupture your stitches or cause damage to your eyes? You might need a guide dog after all. Guide dogs run about $20,000.

Friend: A co-worker said, I should get both done at the same time.

Me: Take your co-worker’s advice. She probably knows more about surgery than sorting mail. What payment plan does she take?


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