Diabetes Running Amok On Police Force

A  friend called the other day wanting me to give her friend nutritional advice. “Here we go again,” I thought. Another person asking for advice then doing what they please. She connect use via three-way call. It seems that the friend and her colleagues on the police-force  have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. After two hours of chatting I realized the problem. Binge eating , lack of exercise, cruising in police cars, and stress. My solution was for her to see a nutritionist and log on to http://www.dlife.com to  read or view the photos on the “Fix My Plate” link. After our second discussion I realized that she did neither. Instead, she skipped breakfast and followed some lemon juice/smoothie  diet.  I called the person that connected us and said, “Don’t suggest that any one else call me about food, diabetes, cats, dogs…. It’s time consuming. And time lost cannot be retrieved.”


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