Freya Egypt Statice (ˈstatisē) Sage


A darling senior rescued this cat last year. She had her spayed, vaccinated, and gave her a loving home. It didn’t last long, though. After being terrorized by the other house cat, a friend asked if I’d take her in. And I did. What does this have to do with diabetes? Everything. Like Endo, this cat is alerts me of low blood-sugars, and is my alarm clock for days when I need to make an early doctor’s appointment. Originally, her name was Egypt Sage. Egypt is more suitable for a black cat.  I didn’t want to upset her previous owner, so I kept the name and added two more. All pets the have a first, middle, and last name. At least my do. I call her Freya (goddess of love and of the night), my feline nightingale; and Statice (sea lavender) a calming scent used for medicinal purposes. Freya allows me to pet, massage, bathe, brush her teeth, and clip her nails without a fuss. What does Endo Jesús Paws think of  his new housemate? He doesn’t have to work overtime.


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