Eating & Multi-tasking

A friend asks, “What does it mean when you feel hungry after you’ve eaten?” I suggested she scan her insurance card, then mail me a copy. Or send me a check for $5. “That’s okay. I’ll ask my quack of a doctor,” she said in a wry tone. This is how you stop people from asking for medical advice. Just hit them up for money.

If you really want the answer, here it is. Remember, I’m not a doctor. This list was on the Endocrinologist’s door. When eating a meal, never multi-task. Your brain never registers that you’ve eaten. What is multi-tasking while dining? That includes texting, typing, eating in the bathroom, watching TV, talking on the phone, doing chores… Not only is this crazy, it’s unsanitary. You can also shorten the life expectancy of a gadget once food gets into the crevices and develop muscle pain from trying to eat and maneuver body to engage in activity at the same time.


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