Here We Go Again

Late last night, a friend called about a co-worker that has a family member with  Type 2 diabetes. “I don’t have Type 2 diabetes. I have Type 1 diabetes,” I replied. Then I realized that it didn’t matter. I’ve read enough literature and served on enough boards to explain all the types that exist. Last, this friend trusted me enough to seek advice at 11 pm. So I gave her a few suggestions to share with her co-worker:

  1. Call 1-800-342-2383 (diabetes headquarters w/questions)
  2. Log on to for helpful hits
  3. Search web for family oriented educational classes in NJ
  4. Learn all you can about Type 2 diabetes
  5. Avoid second hand info on diabetes from people on the street
  6. See an Endocrine or Internist that specializes in autoimmune diseases
  7. Stop blaming person with diabetes for not being able to control diabetes. Sometimes friends and family members can be at fault.

Our call ended with a few laughs about the antics of people in regards to handling  family member(s), friend(s), or acquaintance’s medical conditions. They believe that they are being helpful, when they are more of a hinderance. At times they as down right insulting My energy is too dear to waste on foolishness, I remain silent and save the laughs for later. Sometimes I wait, and respond, “You’re joking right?”



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