Major Eye-Roll After A Person Asks the Following Questions

The photo below depicts how I feel when a person asks me bizarre questions concerning diabetes.  I call it my major eye-roll after someone asks or says the following:
1. ” You have diabetes? Is it the good kind or the bad kind?” (It’s the super-duper excellent type. I feel like a bionic woman.
2. “You have an insulin pump? I guess you’re on easy street now.”  (No street is easy, It still takes a lot of navigation.)
3. “Your mother fed you too much sugar.” (Did you know my mother?)
4. “Did you try exercising it away?” (I walk every day. It hasn’t left my side yet.)
5. ” I heard eating cabbage works?” ( I read about a woman that ate cabbage daily. She died.)
6. “Did you read the latest update on diabetes?” (No, I was hoping that you read it for me, then explain the content.)

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