When People With Diabetes Eat & Acid Reflux

Reducing Acid Reflux Gor Those With Diabetes


At the end of my 6-month ordeal, I finally found the causes to my Acid Reflux. The first was eating too much protein. Next was eating acidic and spicy foods and the next to last reason for my Acid Reflux was extra ketones in my blood stream. Unfortunately none of those explained normal fasting blood glucose and phlegm.

I went back to the drawing board. Over the years, I have had many reactions before bed and during the middle of the night. During that time I had multiple diabetic binges due to the “Hijacked Brain of The Diabetic.” Somewhere along the way I had started the habit of eating right before bed as well.

Since my cough and phlegm occurred in the morning, I realized the mistake I have been making by eating before going to bed. If a person eats right before bed, your stomach has to work harder and…

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