Better Bone Health With Diabetes/fractures & Falls

Did you have a bone density scan? Insurances usually will cover the cost every two years. Along with the scan, you will also need to do 24-hour urine collection for a calcium test. A doctor that specializes in bones will suggest a change in your diet. In my case, it was 1000 mg. of calcium/day (e.g., two yogurts and two cups of milk). You multiply the calcium in your brand of yogurt and milk by 100.

Greek yogurt: 30% calcium x 100= 300 mg calcium

1 % milk: 25% calcium x 100= 250 mg calcium

This calculation can be done with coconut, goat, almond… milk. In addition to the diet change strengthening exercise will be added (e.g., six physical therapy sessions/at home exercises). After the sessions, you will use a gym. If you are on Medicare, the gym is usually free. Click the link below for more information.

Fractures are a danger in older people with type 1 or type 2

Source: Better Bone Health With Diabetes


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