Question Everything That You Read, Even My Posts

While waiting to see my Endocrinologist, I was reading a dictionary on herbs and foods. The book contained some useful information :

1.  Add salt to liquid soap and wash water to remove scum from your body

2. Making mouthwash: 2 cups (minus the sugar) Peppermint, sage, or lemon balm tea, 2 drops of vanilla, 2 drops vitamin E.

3. How grapefruits got their name: Grapefruits grow in clusters like grapes. Add slice grapefruit peels to distilled vinegar to clean faucets, sanitize pillows, clean windows…

Then there was this: Eat a banana for a low blood sugar.  It failed to mention size. When I shared it with the Endocrinologist she said, “If your blood sugar is below 60, a small banana should elevate sugar quickly. It will also supply you with potassium lost from the low blood sugar. A large banana might cause blood sugar to counteract to 200 range.” The author of the book failed to mention this.  He also suggestion eat spinach three times/day daily. Consuming excessive amounts of spinach can lead to kidney stones, issues with iron absorption and gastrointestinal difficulties. Just eat a variety of fruits/vegetables.

After you read this, I welcome you to do a fact check.


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